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Our services

Offensive - Understand, Infil, Collect and Exfil
Defensive - Hunt, Detect, Pursue and Evict


Breach Readiness

Get your team ready to counter cyber before the adversary sets beachhead, to control their expansion operations inside your environment.


Cyber Threat Intelligence

Understand the Kenyan Local AFTs, gather intelligence on East African AFTs. Whether the adversary in your environment is a Nation state, an AFT/Financial group, a Private investigations Firm or a Competitor, OnNet will support you on both sides of Cyber. 


Adversary Pursuit and Counter Cyber Operations

Countering AFTs or APTs and identifying the intruder behind the keyboard. This encaptures identification of insiders supporting the adversaries and CNE operations to Adversaries Command and Control, to their command center.


Advanced Tactical Rapid Response

This is usually a quick fix operation to tactically destroy AFTs' access to the main Datacenter and counter a money heist. This service works best with developed CTI collected by our CNO and SIGINT teams.