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Your mission is ours...


For a better life we secure your data, provide the means to progress and sustain business online, Your mission is ours.


Our team continues to support the mission, to defend organizations during cyber attacks either foreign or local. There will always be an Adversary and Onnet will always be there to counter.

20+years of experience in this industry, 40 Cyber analysts at the frontlines, 100 Collection hubs, 1000+ Hours per month of operations, we are here to serve.

The local Cyber threat landscape has been growing very fast since the break up of the Cyber Cartel in July 2017.

With our CTI collection capability through our CNO programs, we collect actionable intel that supports you the customer to deter further intrusion and loss.

With OnNet Cyber security Engineers at the Frontlines, you can rest and be assured we will counter them.